Willy & Cindy Dingledein, Pastors of Zion Covenant Church –

At Zion Covenant Church, we are grateful to be in relationship with Sharon. We see her as a worshiper, musician, servant and friend.  That is our way to sum up her music ministry.  She is a multi-leveled servant of God who desires Him first and foremost in her life.  She is excited about music-both writing and implementing her songs in a corporate setting and one who is willing to lead individually or work with a team as she minsters to the Lord and His people in worship.

Tom & Karen Hill of The Way Station –

I have had the honor of ministering in the Spirit with Sharon and have experienced the high level of intimacy which is offered.  Sharon has a level of spiritual maturity which is hard to match. She flows with the Spirit quite well and can hear His voice and convey the message quite well to the listeners.  Sharon ‘s music beckons the listener to go beyond themselves and hear what the Father is saying. The woo of the Spirit is very present in her music. When you listen to Sharon, you are drawn into the Lord’s presence. Be prepared to be ministered to and not walk away the same person. She has a passion for Him for ministry to His people. She has a gift and what a gift she is!

Laura Pfoutz –

Sharon, awesome CD!!!!  It far surpassed anything I was expecting! Want to buy one for everyone I know. (no joke)  Whoever reads this, if you do not yet have her CD…BUY IT!  Now after hearing this one, it’s really going to be hard to wait for the 2nd one 🙂

Anonymous –

Sharon, your story of the healing God has brought to your life from years of childhood abuse has been very inspiring and helpful to me. Thank you for being so open and allowing us to see into your life. It is encouraging to see God’s healing in someone else’s life.

Judy Kyllonen –

Just wanted to say, Sharon, that your ministry at SNID last night was much appreciated. You not only have a powerful, pleasant singing voice, but also an anointed message of encouragement.  Thanks for sharing with us.  May God continue to bless your ministry.

 Chris R. –

Your music is just wonderful! I really enjoy when Scripture is put to music, or when music is added to scripture reading.  Keep up God’s work.

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