READY FOR TAKE-OFF: The Recording Adventure

In the previous post, I mentioned that when I began thinking about recording this new project of new music I had written, my plan was to record it in the studio where I recorded my last project, “A Resting Place.” It was close by, and I felt comfortable working there with the producer and musicians. However, God had closed that door to me and instead open doors to record with producers in Nashville. As I mentioned previously, this was definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone.

When the door opened to work with Dennis Dearing, I didn’t know what to expect. Through talking with him on the phone and Skype, I could tell he had a kind, gentle heart and that he understood my vision and my heart for this project. When I went to his studio in Franklin, TN and got to meet him face to face, we connected, and I knew I had chosen the right producer for my “Little Girl In Me” album. Not only was he kind, full of encouragement and easy to work with, a very talented and gifted producer, but he is also a very gifted guitarist. He brought the very best out of me in my vocals and the songs I’ve written that are on the project. We spend four days working on the arrangements of most of the songs and close to four to five hours of each of those days laying down vocal tracks. I was pretty exhausted by the end of each day. The excitement and fulfillment I felt each day, however, reaffirmed to me deep within, that this is going to be a great project.

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READY FOR TAKE-OFF: Into The Big Blue Sky!

When I began about a year ago to think about doing my next recording, I planned that I would work with the producer I worked with on “A Resting Place.” He was close by; I liked his work, and I was comfortable working with him. That door became shut to me when this producer was not available to work with me personally on this new project. I began checking with some other producers, and all the doors kept leading to the Nashville area. After exploring my options, God led me to work with producer Dennis Dearing of Menace Music. I could tell through talking with him on the phone, and our Skype consults that he understood my heart and my vision and was going to be the right one to produce my new music. We started working on a few songs via Skype, emails, and phone calls. The time came to work one on one, and that meant making the trip to Nashville.

My previous two trips to Nashville, I had traveled with someone else; one trip was with a friend and on the other trip, with my husband. For this trip, however, my husband could not go with me, so I decided I would try to go by myself. Now, that might not seem like a big thing to you; however, for me, it was huge. My husband, family, or friends were usually with me. If I went somewhere alone, it was usually only a few hours away. This trip was a whole new adventure for me. Since I decided to travel to Nashville on my own, I had the options of either driving to Nashville by myself or flying by myself. Neither one was something I felt comfortable with, but I knew that driving alone for that distance wasn’t something I wanted to do for this trip. That left me with the option to fly, for the first time, alone. Talk about being out of my comfort zone!

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READY FOR TAKE-OFF: To New Adventures

To New Adventures

Stepping into new adventures can be exciting, a challenge, and at times, even daunting.

I have found this to be the case for new things I am stepping into in my life. Over the past few years, I’ve come to realize how much I have not liked change in my life. Some kinds of change I like, such as moving the furniture around in my house, which I do quite often. However, if you asked me to make changes in other areas in my life, I would be uncomfortable and reluctant to do so.

Change, however, is essential to moving forward! If we stay in the same place in our life, we are going to miss something ahead of us that could be amazing, that could open doors to wonderful new exciting things that we haven’t experienced yet. I’ve come to realize that in my life, I have often chosen comfort over change, complacency over pursuing my dreams. When I become more committed to being in my comfort zone than being committed to pursuing the dreams Father God placed in me and walking them out, I miss out on the things that Abba Father has planned specifically to be part of my life.

The time for letting go of fears and stepping into new adventures in my life had been calling out to me!

Over the past few years, Abba Father has been stripping off many things in my life that have held me back from moving into all I knew deep down in the depths of my soul He wanted me to step into. Fear and insecurity was a huge barrier for me and kept me doing many things.

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Letting Go and Moving On


In our lives, we have times of transition. Some of these transitions can cause upheaval and propel us to walk down a path we are not really wanting to walk down.

This has been the direction my life has been taking the past few years. A little over three years ago, my husband and I felt God directing us to sell our home. We spent a lot of time praying over this and let me tell you, this was an extremely difficult thing for me. I absolutely loved that house and location. It was my dream home. It was at the bottom of the mountain with an amazing view and I did not want to give up that home. I wept a lot of tears over giving up what I felt like was a dream come true for me. This was the second house my husband and I had bought in our over thirty years of marriage. We lived in our first home for twenty-three of those years and in my “dream home” which we bought, for the next eleven years. My childhood and teen years we lived pretty close to poverty level and from the time I was 15 till I got married at 21, my mom moved us seven times. That evened out to once a year for six of those years and twice for the seven year.

I have always had a difficult time with change. Growing up, my life was extremely chaotic, stressful, and the complete opposite of a place of rest and peace. Because of that, when I felt I had settled into a place that brought me a measure of peace and contentment, any changes left me feeling uneasy and anxious. Continue reading “Letting Go and Moving On”


Mountains, Tunnels, ​and Bridges….OH NO!!

When you think of going up into a mountain, going through a tunnel or seeing a big, beautiful bridge, what comes to mind?  Are you excited, enjoying it, or are you holding your breath, not because of excitement, but because you are full of fear?  For most of my life, when I came to a tunnel, bridge or went up or down a mountain, my thoughts were, “Oh, no, just stay calm Sharon, it will soon be over”. My breathing would get faster, my heart rate would go up, my palms would get sweaty and I couldn’t think or talk past my fear.  I couldn’t see the beauty of the mountains around me or the wonders of the ocean, rivers or valleys I could view from the bridge I was on.

Over the years as I have been healing from the childhood abuse of my past, I have been overcoming many fears. This particular fear, however, seemed to be one that was harder for me to overcome.  I continued to pray about it, about what was behind this fear, and how to have victory over it.

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A Hock’s View From A Camper


Life is a journey down roads that are familiar and roads you have never traveled before.  Those roads and paths can make you wonder where in the world you are going and where you will end up at.   I feel like I have been on that kind of journey this year.

As you know, we sold our house in April of this year, bought a 30 foot camper with two slide outs, parked it at our daughter and son-in-law’s house and took up residence. What a journey this has been. Going from a large house to a small combined space has been like jumping off a cliff for me.

Not long ago I had a dream that has really stuck with me.  I was on a path, walking along peacefully, enjoying the beauty of nature around me.  All of a sudden I came to a huge cliff.  I could not see anything in front of me but open air and fog. It looked to me like there was no way forward, so I kept looking over my shoulder at where I had come from, trying to decide if I should just go back.

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A Hawk’s (Hock’s) View


A bird such as an eagle or a hawk has such a different view than we as humans have. This Hock has had a pretty amazing physical view for the past 10 years but that view is about to change.

Sometimes we get so used to, so comfortable, I would even say so amazed with the view around us that we can’t see beyond that view. I have realized something pretty important concerning my own view.

After 10 years at this house that we have made a home, here on Hoot Owl Road, with the most amazing views – God is moving us on and in ways I would NEVER have imagined. Just a side note here; isn’t the name of our road pretty cool, kind of goes along with our name, the Hocks (pronounced like Hawk) who live on Hoot Owl Road. I have loved people’s reaction to that. But God is wanting these Hocks to have a different view and even embrace a different name as our residence.

We have been impressed to make some changes to get out of debt which will in turn allow my husband to make some changes with his job. We also felt that to move on into the things we know God has for our future, that getting out of debt was something that was going to be very important. For some time now Maynard and I have talked about selling our house but I just could not let go of this house, for a number of reasons which perhaps I will share about in the future. God’s work in us and our lives is amazing and so is His timing! Some things have been happening in the past months that have brought us closer to this time of changing views. Continue reading “A Hawk’s (Hock’s) View”