Available Ministry

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It is my heart’s desire to use my gift of music to bring people to a place of freedom, healing and changed lives as they encounter God in worship. My desire is not to  perform, but to lead people into a place of worship, to open a portal for others to enter into the presence of God.  It is also a very deep desire in my heart that God use my story of healing and restoration to help encourage and inspire others that they too can overcome anything in their live! I am available  to come and do the following:

Worship Leader and Music

  • Worship Leader – to come share in a time of worship with you. I will work with  your  worship team if you have one, or I can lead from my keyboard if you do  not  have a worship team available.
  • Special Music for events such as conferences, concerts, weddings and more.

Healing Worship

My vision and desire for this ministry is not only to have a time of singing and intercession over those who are sick in body, but also for those who are struggling in other ways.  I have been doing this along with a team of worship intercessors from our worship team at Christ Community Church.  The times I have done it with the worship intercessors, the flow of the spirit was amazing. I’ve heard some great things from those we have sang and prayed over. I have been also doing this with the support and covering of my Worship Pastor, Jeremiah Grube at Christ Community Church.

I can come to your home with my team to sing and pray over you or meet somewhere else.


I also am available to speak for conferences, special events and more.  Areas I speak on are:

  • My story of overcoming the wounds from childhood abuse – As I have come to find healing, freedom, and victory over the years from the abuse of my past, I have felt called to share my story with others. While sharing the story of my past, my focus however is on walking through the wounds of the past to healing and victory. I believe that we can choose to allow God to heal us or choose to stay in our pain. I share on how God has brought me to a place of letting go and choosing my healing.
  • Pursuing the presence of God with our praise and worship.
  • Changing your life through your thoughts and words.
  • Knowing God’s unconditional love for you.
  • Other topics as the Holy Spirit leads.


To book Sharon for an event, please call or e-mail the following.

Phone: 717-448-4032

E-mail Address: sharonhock@yahoo.com

If you would like to have Sharon come to your church or event, please fill out the information below.  She will get back to you as soon as possible via phone or e-mail.

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