side look, rocksWhen describing Sharon Hock, the word miracle comes to mind. Her story is a testimony about how God takes a broken, wounded, messed up life and turns it into something beautiful that He can use to bring glory to himself. Learning to understand God’s unconditional love and His grace He freely showers on us has brought her from a victim to a victor. Life is no longer about surviving, but about being an overcomer and choosing the fullest of all that God has in His plans for her. Her whole being wells up with songs to sing about this wonderful love she has found in God her Father.

To Sharon Hock, music has been like breath she breathes in, it is her prayers to God through some of the darkest times of her life. As long as she can remember, she has had a song in her heart and on her lips.

She has been singing in churches since she was a teen but only started to step into music ministry in 2000. She has been writing songs, singing, playing keyboard and leading worship throughout Pennsylvania in churches, coffee shops, and other venues. Recently Sharon felt called begin doing “Alive and Refresh” events. These events are nights of intimate, prophetic worship where her passion and desire is to partner with the Holy Spirit to see life and healing released to those who need to be refreshed and renewed.

Sharon shares her own personal story of healing and restoration from childhood abuse. Currently, she is in the process of writing a book giving the story of her journey of healing from the abuse of her past.

Sharon grew up in the town of Shippensburg, Pa and lived there until she was married and lived in the Newville, PA area for most of her marriage. Recently she moved to historic, beautiful, peaceful Boiling Springs.  At the age of four her father died and from that time until beginning on the journey to healing and restoration, her life became one filled with much turmoil and chaos. There was physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse. Throughout all of the years of abuse, Sharon never lost her love and desire to follow God and sought to know Him and serve Him. Music became the tool that God used to get her through those years and to bring her into a place of freedom and healing later.

Sharon met her husband, Maynard at the church they both had attended all of their lives before they married. Maynard tells the story of how when he was about 18 or 19, he began thinking “I should start thinking about getting married.” He could not think of anyone he knew off hand that he wanted to marry so he thought, “I will think of who I know I do not want to marry. I know for sure that I don’t want to marry Sharon.” Sharon was pretty messed up by that time and that is what he saw when he looked at her. But after he said that, he heard God say to him, “Maynard, will you love her for me?” Maynard said yes, that he would love Sharon for God. It was a few years after that experience that Maynard and Sharon were married. Sharon says that every time she thinks of that story it makes her cry because she knows that God brought Maynard into her life to show her what true love was all about and through her husband, she learned to know her heavenly Father’s great love for her. Throughout the years Maynard has shown that love over and over again and Sharon knows how very blessed she is to have such a wonderful man of God in her life that so portrays the love of the Father. It has been her husband’s unconditional love that has led her to have a better understanding of the unconditional love God the Father has for her.

For over 20 years now Sharon has been leading worship, singing at concerts, festivals and other events on a part-time base. In 2003 she recorded her first CD, “You Alone” with Keith Mohr of Broken Records and IndieHeaven. She has been going into churches who either did not have worship teams, those whose teams wanted some help or those who just really wanted to grow in their times of worship and praise. She began going to a few other churches once or twice a month and leading in a time of worship. From this has come a greater desire and passion to not only be used to lead the church family into deeper intimacy in their worship, but to also bring that into people’s homes. It is Sharon’s strong belief that if people do not know how to freely worship and praise the Father in the privacy of their home, they will struggle to do so when they join with other believers. She believes that if every believer would seek to find that intimate place of worship in their homes, not only would things begin to happen in their daily lives, but the body of Christ would be a powerhouse when we all came together and lifted our praises and worship up to the Father as one voice! With this in mind, she has felt led by the Father to have In-Home Worship Encounters which are hosted in people’s homes.

In 2013 she completed a project called “A Resting Place“ with Nathan Horst from Attic Studios in Harrisburg.  The songs from this CD are very dear to her heart as they speak of the journey God has brought her on the past ten years since her last recording. The songs on this recording are songs that speak of her love for the Father and her discovery of His great love for her. They speak of finally finding “A Resting Place” in the presence of God after years of turmoil. They are songs that come from out of her intimate times with the Lord and her hearts cry to know Him in a deeper way than ever before, to see Him as He truly is and not through the eyes of the past. They are songs of praise and worship. Music from “You Alone” and the single “I Sing A Song Of Love” which is from her upcoming CD are all available on Indieheaven, CDBaby, Amazon.com, and iTunes.

Sharon’s passion for worship leads her to want to help teach others how important praise and worship is in our every day lives, to be used by the Father to lead people into the presence of God. This statement shared by someone where Sharon was ministering sums up what Sharon’s heart is in regards to leading people into worship, “Sharon’s music beckons the listener to go beyond themselves and hear what the Father is saying. The woo of the Spirit is very present in her music. When you listen to Sharon, you are drawn into the Lord’s presence. Be prepared to be ministered to and not walk away the same person. She has a passion for Him and for ministry to His people.”

Her other goal and desire is to help those who have been wounded and hurt find their freedom and healing through the power of God’s love. While Sharon shares the story of her past, her focus is not on that past but on the journey to healing and living a victorious life. It is her heart to help people see and know that they can choose to let go of the past, to become an overcomer instead of a survivor. To be one who is victorious and not a victim. She has learned that you get to choose if you will stay in your pain, or walk out of it into the glorious freedom and liberty that we have in Christ Jesus. Deut. 30 says this – “I place before you Life and Death, Blessings and Curse. Choose life so that you and your children will live.” We have to choose life and blessings if we want to live. Sharon believes that means more than just living a life here on earth where we are simply surviving. She believes that we can have a life full of many great things when we choose it. Sharon has seen and experienced first hand the truth that if we constantly focus on the negative things in our life, then we can’t live the life God had planned for us. God has BIG plans for each of us, Jesus already paid for our freedom, the chains have been broken, now it is time for us to shake off the chains and shackles that once bound us and walk forth into the glorious blessings waiting for us.