READY FOR TAKE-OFF: The Recording Adventure

In the previous post, I mentioned that when I began thinking about recording this new project of new music I had written, my plan was to record it in the studio where I recorded my last project, “A Resting Place.” It was close by, and I felt comfortable working there with the producer and musicians. However, God had closed that door to me and instead open doors to record with producers in Nashville. As I mentioned previously, this was definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone.

When the door opened to work with Dennis Dearing, I didn’t know what to expect. Through talking with him on the phone and Skype, I could tell he had a kind, gentle heart and that he understood my vision and my heart for this project. When I went to his studio in Franklin, TN and got to meet him face to face, we connected, and I knew I had chosen the right producer for my “Little Girl In Me” album. Not only was he kind, full of encouragement and easy to work with, a very talented and gifted producer, but he is also a very gifted guitarist. He brought the very best out of me in my vocals and the songs I’ve written that are on the project. We spend four days working on the arrangements of most of the songs and close to four to five hours of each of those days laying down vocal tracks. I was pretty exhausted by the end of each day. The excitement and fulfillment I felt each day, however, reaffirmed to me deep within, that this is going to be a great project.

I had the privilege of working with three other talented musicians on this project. The pianist, Boh Cooper was terrific. Boh has worked with the producer who produces Josh Groben’s music, played with Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman and many more. Boh had many encouraging things to say about the songs he is playing piano for on this project. I came away with a different, much more positive perspective on the type of songwriter I am. He was a lot of fun to work with.

Two other great musicians I was blessed to have play on this project were, percussionist, Tony Morra and musician Kurt Heinecke who played the Penny Whistle and Accordion on my Celtic rendition of “Be Thou My Vision.” Tony has played with many top name artists like Carmen, on Veggie Tales and many more. He is a very gifted percussionist, and I felt honored to have him play on my songs. Kurt is one of the composers of Veggie Tales and a very talented musician. His contribution to my Celtic song with the instruments he played makes the song sound so beautiful.

In the first blog in this series, I mentioned that the idea of going to Nashville to record was definitely out of my comfort zone. Fears and insecurities were at the root of this. Fears that I was not good enough, insecurities based on the thoughts I had about myself as well as things said to me in the past. Many of us have dreams, visions, hopes, and ideas that are burning deep within us that we can’t seem to move forward in fulfilling them. What if it is because of fears and insecurities we keep buried inside of us? What if we have taken words spoken about us or to us and hidden them deep inside and they play like a broken record over and over in our minds? These things will stop us from walking out our dreams. They will keep us stuck in a cycle where we know what we want to do, what we would really like to do, but for some reason, we can’t seem to move forward and do what our heart desires.

For myself, I had to do some deep digging to see where these fears and insecurities came from. The past year or so, I have been meeting with a prayer counselor who has been helping me to discover what the root of these fears and insecurities have been. As the places where they started have been revealed, I have been able to dig out those roots and gain a level of healing and freedom I have never had before. It is allowing me to move forward to pursue the dreams that have been hidden deep in my heart, ideas that I now can see that my Abba Father himself placed in me to do. Things that I know He himself birthed in me before I was even born, so I could be ALL that He created me to be.

I am so looking forward to sharing this project with everyone. Some of the songs on this project are probably some of the most vulnerable I’ve ever written. The songs on the project are about healing and restoration, about finding that child you might have lost along the way. Songs about seeing that God the Father has always been there right beside you through every hard place. Songs about how much He loves you. I can’t wait to share all this with you. Look for more to come in the next few weeks.

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