READY FOR TAKE-OFF: Into The Big Blue Sky!

When I began about a year ago to think about doing my next recording, I planned that I would work with the producer I worked with on “A Resting Place.” He was close by; I liked his work, and I was comfortable working with him. That door became shut to me when this producer was not available to work with me personally on this new project. I began checking with some other producers, and all the doors kept leading to the Nashville area. After exploring my options, God led me to work with producer Dennis Dearing of Menace Music. I could tell through talking with him on the phone, and our Skype consults that he understood my heart and my vision and was going to be the right one to produce my new music. We started working on a few songs via Skype, emails, and phone calls. The time came to work one on one, and that meant making the trip to Nashville.

My previous two trips to Nashville, I had traveled with someone else; one trip was with a friend and on the other trip, with my husband. For this trip, however, my husband could not go with me, so I decided I would try to go by myself. Now, that might not seem like a big thing to you; however, for me, it was huge. My husband, family, or friends were usually with me. If I went somewhere alone, it was usually only a few hours away. This trip was a whole new adventure for me. Since I decided to travel to Nashville on my own, I had the options of either driving to Nashville by myself or flying by myself. Neither one was something I felt comfortable with, but I knew that driving alone for that distance wasn’t something I wanted to do for this trip. That left me with the option to fly, for the first time, alone. Talk about being out of my comfort zone!

Now was my time to choose following my dream – over being comfortable. I started feeling like this trip was a turning point for me, in both my ministry and in my breaking free of more fears that were holding me back. You see, I have had dreams – ones in my heart and ones that I have seen in my sleep – of going to other countries to sing and speak and how could I do this if I didn’t break free of the fears that held me back.

Taking this step and purchasing my plane ticket felt huge to me. I had my moments of feeling nervous and some anxiousness but knew in my heart this was going to be an essential step in my life. From the beginning to the end of the entire trip, I have seen the goodness of God, the importance of moving forward and I am experiencing a new freedom I have not felt before, a new excitement also.

My dear friend, Cathy Rudolph, drove me to the Harrisburg, PA airport on a Monday afternoon. After talking it over with her, I felt she should just let me off at the drop off point. She talked me through what to expect and what I should do when I got inside. She would have come in with me, and though I was nervous and a bit afraid, I knew I needed to start this new adventure as I meant to go forward, holding on to my Abba Father’s hand and trust Him to walk with me. From that moment on, amazing things happened.

When I got into the airport and went to the check-in desk for United, the attendant was so friendly to me. I told her that this was my first time flying and that I was a little nervous. She looked at me and said I was going to do great and that because it was my first time flying, the baggage fee was going to be on her. I didn’t realize how special that was till later when my seatmate told me that doesn’t usually happen. From there, while I waited to board the plane, I got to talk to a few people who were waiting with me. I connected with a couple who told me to find them when I got off the plane, and they would help me find where I needed to go for the connecting flight when I got to Dulles airport. On the flight from Harrisburg to Dulles, I sat beside a man who was a guitar player. He and his band were on their way to Amsterdam for a gig. We talked most of the flight about music, and he would tell me the various things that were happening during our flight. I sat by the window and must have looked like a little girl because I was so excited by what I saw out my window. I kept saying things like, “this is so cool” and saying wow a lot. I felt a bit giddy and know I was acting that way. I was loving flying and seeing the beauty of the clouds and landscape beneath us. I was still nervous about the connecting flight in Dulles as there wasn’t much time between flights.

We arrived in Dulles airport, and I waited for the couple who said they would help me find where my connecting flight was. We started walking, and another woman who had been on our flight came up to us and asked what terminal I needed to get to. She had heard that this was my first flight. She said she was going right next to where I needed to be and would take me there. We got a shuttle, and she walked with me to my terminal. I made it to where the plane was boarding with only a few minutes to spare before the boarding was scheduled to end.  

I got on the plane to Nashville, again having a window seat, sat beside two wonderful ladies who were both Christians and had musicians in their families. We talked about lots of cool things like music, our relationships with Father God, and more. I again was like a little girl enjoying the view out my window. When I went to get off the plane when it landed in Nashville, Sandy, the woman who sat beside me, told me to wait for her and her husband. They both walked me to the baggage claim, and her husband got my baggage for me. They told me if I waited for them, they would walk me to the car rental place since they had to go there also. They blessed me so much. I picked up my car and drove to the place I had rented for the week.

The goodness of God to me was so prominent during this entire journey. So many times in the past I’ve doubted that my Abba Father has been there with me, that He genuinely cares about me, that He will be with me through everything. My fears have stopped me often in the past from doing things. I’ve seen through this adventure that my Father God is with me through everything, taking care of me. Even when I am afraid and doubting, He is still beside me, and if I will just go forth, trusting Him to hold my hand, I can push past fears and doubts to greater and new exciting things. The whole recording experience was another example of pushing through doubts and fears to greater and new exciting things. Find out about that on the next part of this series “Ready For Take-Off” on Wednesday, July 31, when I talk about “The Recording Adventure.”

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