READY FOR TAKE-OFF: To New Adventures

To New Adventures

Stepping into new adventures can be exciting, a challenge, and at times, even daunting.

I have found this to be the case for new things I am stepping into in my life. Over the past few years, I’ve come to realize how much I have not liked change in my life. Some kinds of change I like, such as moving the furniture around in my house, which I do quite often. However, if you asked me to make changes in other areas in my life, I would be uncomfortable and reluctant to do so.

Change, however, is essential to moving forward! If we stay in the same place in our life, we are going to miss something ahead of us that could be amazing, that could open doors to wonderful new exciting things that we haven’t experienced yet. I’ve come to realize that in my life, I have often chosen comfort over change, complacency over pursuing my dreams. When I become more committed to being in my comfort zone than being committed to pursuing the dreams Father God placed in me and walking them out, I miss out on the things that Abba Father has planned specifically to be part of my life.

The time for letting go of fears and stepping into new adventures in my life had been calling out to me!

Over the past few years, Abba Father has been stripping off many things in my life that have held me back from moving into all I knew deep down in the depths of my soul He wanted me to step into. Fear and insecurity was a huge barrier for me and kept me doing many things.

It has been several years since I recorded my last full album. During those years, I had been writing new music, and last year, I began to feel it was time to record a new album. My previous album was recorded locally, which fit into my comfort zone. I didn’t have to travel far to record it, and I liked and felt comfortable working with that producer. I remember a few years ago going to Nashville to record two Christmas songs with a producer down there. I had been to Nashville previously for a conference. Musicians usually love the whole Nashville scene, but for me, I was so uncomfortable. I remember calling one of my friends back home and telling her, “I feel like a little pea in a pot of soup down here.” My fears and insecurities were drowning out the great experiences and the joys of this excellent opportunity that God had opened up for me. Though I was able to partake of many things from this opportunity, I also missed some things due to my fears and insecurities.

Over the past few years, fears and insecurities have been falling off, and I’ve been moving more and more out of my comfort zone. In a previous blog, I told the story of how Abba Father freed me from my fears of being in mountains, going on bridges and going through tunnels. Gaining this freedom was a huge thing, but He wasn’t finished with stripping away more fears. I had a fear of flying and traveling long distances by myself. I can now say that those are fears that have been conquered! I recently started working on a new recording project, in guess where – you got it -Nashville. Not only that, but I also flew there, ALONE, and stayed by myself for the seven days I was there. The story I have to tell about that whole trip and adventure is a sure testament of the favor and goodness of my Abba Father and how amazingly He took care of me. Check out the next part of this series “Ready For Take-Off” on Friday, July 19 when I tell you all about it on “Into The Big Blue Sky.”

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