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A Hock’s View From A Camper


Life is a journey down roads that are familiar and roads you have never traveled before.  Those roads and paths can make you wonder where in the world you are going and where you will end up at.   I feel like I have been on that kind of journey this year.

As you know, we sold our house in April of this year, bought a 30 foot camper with two slide outs, parked it at our daughter and son-in-law’s house and took up residence. What a journey this has been. Going from a large house to a small combined space has been like jumping off a cliff for me.

Not long ago I had a dream that has really stuck with me.  I was on a path, walking along peacefully, enjoying the beauty of nature around me.  All of a sudden I came to a huge cliff.  I could not see anything in front of me but open air and fog. It looked to me like there was no way forward, so I kept looking over my shoulder at where I had come from, trying to decide if I should just go back.

I stood there for a while looking at the cliff. Feeling afraid and unsure of what to do, I would continue to look back.  Back and forth it went for a while.  Every time I would think about turning around and going back, I would feel something deep inside of me saying that if I went back it would be destructive for me. I could feel that taking a step back would be like walking to my death, but seeing the cliff in front of me also made me feel afraid I would fall to my death.  After having this battle in my mind for a while I suddenly heard a voice saying “Sharon, I am here. It’s okay! Take my hand, there are steps going down this cliff.  I know you can’t see them, but if you take my hand I will lead you down and you will be safe”.  I woke up then and knew God was speaking to me through this dream.

These last five months I have been stepping off cliffs. It has been a time of learning things about myself and growing that I would not have had if I had not taken this step with my husband.  Some days I feel like I have turned around and started taking a step back down the path I came on, but Father God continues to halt those steps and turn me around to face the cliff.  So I take His hand and let Him continue to lead me. Some days I feel like I am on the side of that cliff walking down it one step at a time, and some days I stop and am reluctant to go on, but He keeps reminding me that He is holding my hand and that I am safe.  I am still learning and growing as we get to the end of our journey of living in a camper.  New journeys are ahead. Here are some of the things I have learned this summer:

  • God takes care of us even when we can’t make sense of how He is doing it!
  • Who I am is not based on what all I have.
  • My priorities are changing.
  • You can worship anywhere.
  • Stop complaining!!
  • Embrace where you are.  Plant your feet there and embrace it.  Don’t look for ways to get out of it.
  • Don’t hide yourself away from people.
  • Overcoming fears I did not know I had.
  • Pain, be it physical, emotional or spiritual that is not transformed will be transferred.

There is much more I am learning.  I have begun working on addressing these things in blogs that I have set to be released over the next few weeks.  Stayed tuned for more.

So, what cliffs has Father God led you to on your journey?  Are you going to go back the way you came or will you take a leap of faith and step off the cliff?  If He led you to the cliff, He WILL not let you fall.  He will either catch you and carry you to safety or take your hand and guide you to safety. He has you, yes He does!


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