A Hawk’s (Hock’s) View


A bird such as an eagle or a hawk has such a different view than we as humans have. This Hock has had a pretty amazing physical view for the past 10 years but that view is about to change.

Sometimes we get so used to, so comfortable, I would even say so amazed with the view around us that we can’t see beyond that view. I have realized something pretty important concerning my own view.

After 10 years at this house that we have made a home, here on Hoot Owl Road, with the most amazing views – God is moving us on and in ways I would NEVER have imagined. Just a side note here; isn’t the name of our road pretty cool, kind of goes along with our name, the Hocks (pronounced like Hawk) who live on Hoot Owl Road. I have loved people’s reaction to that. But God is wanting these Hocks to have a different view and even embrace a different name as our residence.

We have been impressed to make some changes to get out of debt which will in turn allow my husband to make some changes with his job. We also felt that to move on into the things we know God has for our future, that getting out of debt was something that was going to be very important. For some time now Maynard and I have talked about selling our house but I just could not let go of this house, for a number of reasons which perhaps I will share about in the future. God’s work in us and our lives is amazing and so is His timing! Some things have been happening in the past months that have brought us closer to this time of changing views.

These changes first meant for us to trade in our larger house with its large mortgage in for something much smaller. We put our house up for sale and the changes began and it was much quicker than we were expecting. Within a week of having the house on the market, it sold. We only had two days of showing with 6 families coming to look before we had an offer. WOW! This was confirmation to us that we were on the right track. Our view was beginning to change already. Next we began looking at some smaller apartments to rent for consideration in a completely different environment than I was used to and accustomed to. We have lived at the base of the North mountain not too far from Colonel Denning State Park here near Newville, Pa for the past 10 years.  We can see a landmark call Flat Rock from our house which all of my family has hiked up to at one time or another.  From our deck we can actually see the lights at night from Ski Roundtop on the South mountain about 45 minutes away.  It is an amazing view which we have enjoyed immensely!  There also are not a lot of people around. It is very quiet and peaceful here. Looking at apartments in a city with lots of people around has been a bit of a shock to my system.  However, God had begun working on my view of how I saw living in a more noisy, more crowded environment.  I resigned myself to living in an apartment in a much more crowded setting.  But He was not done changing my view, an even bigger change in this Hock’s view was to happen.

My husband mentioned about us getting a camper and living in it for 5 to 6 months. My first thought was – WHAT! I CANNOT DO THAT!  In my view it seemed that going from this large house to a much smaller apartment was enough of a change in size, but going to a camper, I started to feel like I couldn’t breath, literally at times. To some of you the idea of living in a camper for an extended period of time may seem like a blast. For myself – who most of my teen years till marriage – moved around at least once a year, it felt like letting go of stability and safety. Over the past week God has been changing my view of that. Maynard and I both feel very strongly that this is the path God has us on at this time. I reluctantly, fighting it as I agreed, went down this path and said that yes, this is what we are to do for now. But my view of it was not pleasant and I kept looking back over my shoulder at the view I have right now, not wanting to let go of this view that I have so loved.

The other night something wonderful happened. We had some friends and family over to pray over this house, to symbolically let go of our time here, to prayer over the young couple who bought it (who are getting married in May), and to pray concerning where God wants us in the future. Some neat things happened and I felt a change in myself. After everyone left, I stood at my deck door, looking out of these amazing views, thinking about how beautiful it was and how I would miss it. Very clearly I heard “Sharon, if you do not let go of this view, you will NEVER be able to see the even more amazing views I have waiting to show you”. It had such a powerful impact on me! I knew God was telling me so much through that statement, that it was about more than just my physical view of the mountain and valley spread out around and below me. He was telling me that I must make a choice in letting go of how I see the whole move itself, in my attitude, my view of the future, so much more than I am putting in this particular blog. Living in a camper for unknown months was not my natural choice, but it has become one that I am making a committed decision to embrace. I am going to step into this adventure and let God open and expand my view. I don’t want to limit my view by settling for what I have known, what I have loved, and what have I felt was safe and comfortable. I know it is going to be an adventure ahead and feel strongly in the deepest parts of me that some exciting things are coming and I look for it to come and toward what all God has planned during this new adventure.

So I just want to encourage you not to limit your view. Don’t settle or get so comfortable with the view you have right now that you miss the even greater views that God has waiting to show you in your life. Be willing to let go of the view you have now – even when it is a pretty amazing one – if it looks like God might be wanting to change your scenery. Who knows what wondrous things are just over the horizon to make you catch your breath with the beauty and wonder of it.

~ Sharon Hock

Some more views from this Hock’s soon to be memory book.

photo(2) photo(3)

1 thought on “A Hawk’s (Hock’s) View”

  1. Great perspective! You are moving from one amazing decade of life into another…and I’m sure 10 years from now…you’ll have some additional powerful insights to share, from another who view!

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