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Make A Choice

Seeing ourselves with God’s eyes and how it affects our praises and our worship.

One of the things I’m planning to touch on in the future in one of my In-Home Worship Encounter Events,  is our need to see God in a new way and in turn being able to see ourselves as God truly sees us.  His love and grace make it possible for us to come boldly before Him, openly without restraint or reserve in our praises.  The problem is that many of us have a hard time lifting our praises up like that because we come to God feeling condemnation, quilt, or unworthy of His love and grace for us.  We expect ourselves to first come to him perfect. No one is going to be able to come to God perfect and without having messed up sometime during the day.  If we wait till we are perfect before coming boldly before God with our praises, our adoration, even our requests in prayer, we will never be able to come to Him and lift up our praises unrestrained.  This affects us being able to enter into an intimate time of worship.

I’ve had a revelation recently through my own experiences from my journey of healing from the abuse of my past and my journey to know what true worship is all about.  Worship is being intimate with God, touching Him and His heart and my praises unlocks the door to that kind of intimate worship.  I see that God wants us to come to Him as we are; broken, hurting, imperfect people.  When I forget about myself, my imperfections, my unworthiness and focus on all that Jesus did for me, when I get a glimpse of His grace, His mercy and His amazing love for me, then my heart wells up with praise.  When I see myself through His eyes, see how He sees me, it changes everything.  I become more free in my praises, because I’m so overwhelmed with thanks and adoration for all He has done in my life that  my heart is able to enter into a place of worship that is true worship and the more this enables me to do the things I know God is desiring me to do.  It is no longer me trying on my own to be the person I myself think God wants me to be, but now I’m able to do it  because His spirit has empowered me to be able to do so.  My unrestrained praises brings me to that place of deep intimate worship, of being in God’s presence which in turn makes me more and more like God.  I have His spirit empowering me and then I can do anything He is directing me to do.  How we praise is important to how we will be able to enter into worship and that is all connected to how we carry out the things He places in us to do.  These are truths I have proven in my own life over and over again.

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